The Presidential Election doesn’t matter.

Election season is here, and I am nonplussed by the talking head idiots on television, making empty promises to satisfy their legions of idiot sheeple followers. They spout party rhetoric, a mush of moronic catchphrases and sentiments aimed at the majority of Americans who possess no critical thinking skills. I’ll be doing my best to avoid the stinky saturation of election coverage oozing out of the idiot box.

Politics is bullshit, and the only reason anyone goes into politics is for power and economic opportunity. Public service, my ass. I guarantee you that no politician gives a shit about your life. They only care about your vote, because it’s what keeps them in power. They’ll promise you the world to get your vote, then let you down once they get into office.

They promise some silly things, too. The more free handouts they promise, the more the idiot sheeple salivate. There are innumerable fools looking to somehow personally benefit from an election turnout. I had some lady bitch to me yesterday about how the government has failed her, and how putting Trump in office might make her life better. Her life circumstances were tragic for sure, but I don’t understand how she thought the government was going to “help her,” regardless of who wins the election.

Who in the fuck wakes up in the morning and thinks to themselves, “Hmmm, how can the government help me achieve my goals today?” “How can the government help me wipe my ass?” “What is Obama going to personally do for me today? Why in the fuck hasn’t Obama cooked my breakfast yet?”

Sure, you can hand bitchy people money to shut them up. “You don’t understand how hard my life is, give me my fucking check!” The problem is, when you hand people money for doing nothing, it kills their motivation to overcome their difficult circumstances. When you artificially prop people up, they adjust to being “helped,” and can’t stand it when you try to withdraw their “help.”

Conversely, others believe if we can just elect the “right person,” our country will return to it’s glory days in the 1950’s, where aborting your baby meant prison time, and you could beat your wife without causing much fuss. Everyone will start a business and the economy will grow exponentially. People would pray to the “right” God. Your shitty entrepreneurial idea will “take off” because Trump will cut your taxes (which he won’t) and the Republicans will create “land of opportunity” for you. They’ll also burn books that are contrary to Puritanical values.

It doesn’t matter who gets elected in 2016. Everyone will wake up four years later and still be equally miserable with their lives. Everyone will still have problems. The world will still be an “unjust place.” As long as Americans make someone else responsible for their collective happiness, the longer they will remain a pack whiny turds.


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